Buy a Bike and Give it Away

Trekking down the muddy trail, I called to my homeless friend who lives by Swamppoodle Creek, whose makeshift house sits way too close the water’s edge.
On days when the water rises from the rains, he and his wife often have taken refuge to higher ground and it does scare me, especially after seeing how the water rushed like rapids during a recent storm.
Today though, I was making a business deal. He had a bike to sell, one put together from parts he’d found in dumpsters. No, I didn’t need a bike, but with his ‘work’ being slow of late due to the weather, he needed to make a little money.
So I called to him from the trail, and moved across the wobbly rocks, balancing myself, “Hey there. I need to buy a bike.”
He turned and said, “You know there’s a better way to come to our place.”
“I know, but I can see my car from here, and I saw you and just started walking.”
“So what are you doing?”
“I’m here to buy a bike.”
“Yes, we’re making a business deal.”
“We are?”
“Yes, I have money. I’m buying a bike. But there’s a catch.”
“A catch?”
“Yes, I don’t need a bike.”
“But you came here to buy one.”
“I did. I want you to do the honorable thing. I buy a bike. You keep the bike. And you find someone who needs it, give it to that person, and complete the sale.”
“Really? You sure?”
“Yes, I figure you’ll come across someone homeless on the street who needs a bike before I will.”
He agreed, showed me around, and his wife came outside of their paneled little shack, and their dog greeted me with his continuous circling around my legs.
We talked of jewelry, of floods, of bikes, and of beavers. We hung out in the rain that felt more like the sky was spitting at us, and my friend pointed to one of the bikes. “So I have two bikes ready. Which one is yours?”
“You can decide. The red one is nice. And so is the blue.”
My friend followed me back to the car, “Thank you for buying a bike.”
I hugged him, “You’re welcome. I felt like the Lord sent me your way.”
I then moved to another friend’s camp, and she was at church, but I found her eventually, and bought four homemade headbands from her.
Yes, business unfolded and purchases were made today with a couple of my homeless friends. Honor in the transactions. And friends for life!
It was a chance for a couple of friends to sell their wares, to help offset some real cares, to ease the load for a while!

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