Bridge Trip Flashers On

I drove over the bridge. Turned my flashers on, and hopped from my car. I clicked the little remote trying to pop the trunk. Which I learned I can’t do unless I turn the motor off. (Apparently I’m still learning my new car and how to work the buttons.)

So I’m standing behind my car and see a big truck coming. And I rush from the back of car. Jump inside. Start the car. And drive over the bridge.

Driving ahead, I make a U-turn. And go back over the bridge so I can circle around and come back to that same spot. Hopefully with less traffic.

Now, due to the bridge-divider, I can’t cut across, I must go all the way around. Only this there’s too many cars coming to stop. Thus, I drive on. And I make a U-turn again. And as I’m driving the path again, two of my homeless friends are standing at that spot across the way. And they waving at me, as I drive by.

I was hoping they stayed on the highway while I circled back to the top of the bridge. And they did. (They saw my lights from before and came to check it out.)

So I flipped my flashers back on. Stopped the car. And popped the trunk.

I handed out the dry blankets. Socks. Snacks. Hugs. And hand warmers. Oh, and a brand new scarf and hat for one of the female friends whom I haven’t seen as much lately. (They were going to take them to her.)

However, since my two “guys” were more afraid of the approaching traffic than I was, we said our goodbyes and I prayed, as I ran to the car.

I can’t wait to see them at Church under the Bridge Saturday. Where we can fellowship more safely. But tonight our hearts were bridged together—even if it was a short, fast-paced visit. With a whole lot of driving!

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