Best Toast in Town


I worked in a snack bar in high school. I splattered milk shakes on the wall and on people because I forgot and/or didn’t know about the little aluminum piece to put down in the paper cups! Messy … very!

I worked in the other section of the snack bar, where corn dogs and onion rings, and fried foods were served. I forgot to turn the timer on. Thus, black corn dogs will get you moved to yet, another department at the store.

I worked in the candy department, and forgot to add oil, and forgot to empty the popcorn from the twirling dispenser. Can you say burnt?

Also, the sprinklers went off in the produce section, as this candy department was too close to the bananas. Especially with the smoke billowing from the popcorn machine.

I worked as a checker, but ran all the items together for customers, couldn’t remember codes and had trouble pushing the right buttons to categorize the purchases.

Now this was a grocery store with multiple departments, and so the bosses moved me to the little cafe on the edge of the store. I was in charge of … drum roll … I was in charge of making toast and buttering it, and of seating the customers at the tables.

I became a master at making toast! And I could move people through the maze of tables with ease!

I became the poster girl of perseverance that summer when I discovered the many things

I couldn’t do, and the two I could. And guess what, I can still make toast today!

So come on, let’s run the race set before us, and shine for Christ today. Share Him. Be a light. Persevere. Life is messy. Yes, it’s filled with the milkshake of sin, the darkness of sorrow, and the smoke of despair.

And our Savior is the answer for the lost. May we invite someone to sit at His feet, to know Him, to find redemption for his or her soul through the blood of Jesus Christ!

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