Beech Street Manor with Grandma Elsie

A home near downtown Texarkana, much like the one in the novel that once stood on the corner of Beech and 4th Street. In “Untied Shoelace”, the first novel, Shoelace rides into town right after Thanksgiving in 1945. This is on the heels of a tragedy in Memphis, Tennessee over the Mississippi River. (Book 5 will reveal to you what was happening there), but in this book Tin Can Mahlee, her rail-mom disappears into Hobo Jungle after ditching her at Grandma Elsie’s manor. 


The piano at the manor takes on a cadence of music when a not-so stranger from Memphis meets her in the parlor at Grandma’s house. Now this little hobo girl was kidnapped when she was five by her daddy, and now a Phantom Killer is lurking in the shadows at Spring Lake Park, at lover’s lane, and in the darkness of the night.

This little girl will encounter the Phantom and live to tell others about his eyes. Now she may not remember much until later on, but in book six of the series, Shoelace will have one last view of the mask and the eyes, in the last installment. Death is back in Texarkana and the Phantom brings fear again when the town that dreaded sundown makes a movie of the 1946 murders, only now the year is 1976.

Come along, and meet Annie Grace Kree (aka: Shoelace – her hobo name) as she becomes a messenger of hope along the tracks that run through Texarkana, that run through Wheelock Academy, and through Jefferson, Texas, as well as Washington, Arkansas, and back to Memphis, Tennessee.

Untied Shoelace / Book 1

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