Be a Hand Warmer for Others

Blankets for Friends

I called toward the flames coming from the campfire at the bottom of the hill, yelling to my homeless friends. Before they answered, someone called to me from the other side of the bridge. “Hey Lady! Who are you looking for?”
Standing by the trunk of my car, I answered the shadow. “It’s freezing out here. I’m leaving another round of blankets.”
About then, several faces climbed up the hill, shivering, and they retrieved the blankets, hurrying back to their fire. Their gratefulness bounced with the wind, and I told them goodbye.
A Friend Who Doesn’t Know He Is
I jumped in my car, turned off the flashers, and headed over the bridge Then I saw a man “who walks the street” and “who isn’t always sober”.
He looked cold in his thin coat. So I drove across the bridge and made some U-turns, and came up next to him by the curb. (There’s a divider on top of the bridge so you can’t just cut across.)
Stopping, I rolled the window down and handed him a large goodie bag with two giant blankets. “Here it’s going to get cold tonight.”
Friends Warm Hearts
He peeked inside the car. “Is that heat?” He dropped the handle to the bag and let go of his backpack, sticking his hands toward the dash. “This is great.”
“I’m sorry. I can’t stay. I’m sort of parked on top of a bridge.”
“I know, Lady. But this feels so warm.”
“Why are you calling me, Lady? You know me.”
He squinted his eyes. “I don’t think I know you.”
“I’m Pam. We’ve been friends for a couple of years.”
“We’re friends?”
“Yes, always! Not just anyone can use my heater. Only a good friend.”
He held his hands closer to the dash. “That’s good. I could stay here forever.”
“Hey, I’ve got to move before a car comes.”
“Just then, another person came up from the shadows of the slope. “Ms. Pam?”
Another Friend in the Dark
called to my friend. “Hey there. Are you warm at your camp? Do you need some blankets?”
“I’ve got several. I’m good. What’s he doing?” He peeked in the window beside the heater-hogging friend.
I pointed. “He’s warming his hands.”
“Can I warm my hands, too?”
“Yes. But hurry. I really need to get off this bridge.”
After a few minutes, I left my friends, but only after they decided I should “bottle the hot air from the heater” just for them. But I did the next best thing, I gave them a few packages of hand warmers! And even prayed for them with their heads stuck inside my car!
Guess what? Not one car came up behind me that entire time!! Not one!!
So if you’re inclined to warm a heart, gets some blankets, gloves, socks and hand warmers. And look for someone who might be cold, who might need a friend.

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