Annie Grace Kree Chronicles!!!


1945-1948 — Untied Shoelace led to Unknown Soul, which led to Rescue of Undaunted Spirit, which led to Unwanted Sidekick, which led to Unwavering Hope. Five novels! The sixth novel will take place in 1976 with Annie Grace Kree, grown and living back in Texarkana where she’ll encounter the Phantom Killer one last time!

The hobo girl, Shoelace, who is Annie Grace Kree meets the Phantom Killer in the first novel. She’s introduced to an angel, Chula, and a carpenter, Boswell in the second novel at Wheelock  Academy in Oklahoma. Then she meets the Crush Boys, and the syrup man, and some ghosts in Jefferson, Texas.

Then she searches for Tin Can Mahlee, who is her rail mama, but not a good one. The search takes Shoelace to Washington, Arkansas. And the fight novel, releasing in the Summer of 2017, and takes Shoelace back to Memphis, Tennessee.

History AND Mystery. Travel with this messenger of hope — as she changes lives along the rail in Texas. Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Arkansas!


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