Angels Ask for Reassignment

Angel Assignments

So how many angels did I squash last night? Or better yet, how many have asked for reassignment because I tend to wander off track?

See, I drove to Texarkana in hopes of loving on some of my friends who are on the street. A stop or two. A pull over here and there. A park and get out. A journey of hope filled with hugs, prayers and joy in Christ. And some items from my trunk.

Now, I spooked three of my friends when my lights shone upon them, when I pulled to the side where they sat on a curb, which they promptly rose to leave. They didn’t know my car, since I’m driving a new one, but we lingered in the shadows and shared our day.

I moved on to a few others, with blankets, with hand warmers, with scriptures cards—I wanted God’s word a part of the outing. I didn’t want to leave the Lord out of the equation, out of the reason for our hope.

Angels in High Gear

Then my phone rang, and since I now have the ‘hands free’ ability in my car, my dash spoke to me and I had no idea who was on the line. “Hello, who is this?”

The female identified herself, and spoke to me from a phone at a church. Her needs were pressing, and her husband and daughter were at her side.

I told her it would be an hour as I was finishing my downtown visits with others. Then I followed her directions, driving up to the church, pulling through the parking lot. No one was there. So I called her back. “I can’t find you.”

She gave me better directions, which sent me many blocks south on the same street to another church. I pulled into the circle drive where a church van sat under the awning. Maybe they were inside, by that door.

Now I’m used to driving my other car, a wee bit smaller, so when I inched between the building and the van, in the single car lane, I found my right mirror inches from the van. Slowly, I maneuvered on, but found no one.

Frustrated Angels

I couldn’t find my sweet friends, so I got back on the phone. Sitting in the road next to the church, I asked, “Is this C? I think I’m lost.”

“Yes, we’re watching you squeeze between that van over there. What are you doing?” She snickered on the phone. “We think you need driving lessons.”

“Wait, you can see me? Where? I don’t see you.”

“Yes, I’m across the street. At this church. I’m waving at you.”

Within seconds, I found my friends where a reunion of friendship kept us on the side of the road for nearly 30-minutes. We prayed for their needs, praised God for meeting some immediate ones, and enjoyed each others company. Their daughter a sparkle of smiles and laughter.

Angels Find Rest

When I stepped to leave, C’s husband asked me if I needed directions to get home, which I responded with, “Why would that be?”

“Well, I noticed you take the long way around town. You did go to two other churches before you came here.”

“Wait, I followed the directions.”

“I think you … thought you did.” His laugh assured me of one thing, he already knew me well.

However, I was right where I needed to be on the very day I was meant to drive to town. Each delay became a path to meet them—on the side of a road where churches line the streets, where Christ meets us along the way.

You know, I had prayed the Lord would guide me to someone to love on for Him. And He obviously had to dispatch many angels to help me turn my car around (more than once) to get me right to the spot—to guide me when I can’t guide myself.

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