An Angel Carries a Bread Box

A Planned Stop

This post is a reminder that when you feel stranded, God can send someone to save you!

Tonight, I drove across this bridge to pass out burgers and blankets to my homeless friends, to a group who live off the side of the embankment in the woods.

Now I’d already visited the camps around the bend, giving out Big Macs and chips, and blankets, and even walked the trail to go see them. And my car hadn’t acted up one bit.

Well, as I stopped, I turned my flashers on, since there’s no place to pull over on this bridge. This way, folks go around me. (And before you scold me, I do hurry.)

Unplanned Staying

Tonight, as soon as I put the car in park, my car went goofy, and not only stopped running, it developed this incessant hiccup under the hood. It was like a woodpecker was stuck inside the engine, and my four friends said they’d never heard such a noise.

Plus, the dash lit up whenever it wanted, on its own. Going on and off. And the computer-part on the dash told me I was stealing my own car. Yes, the car went haywire!

Since the flashers stopped flashing, and with the sun going behind the trees, this meant someone might hit my car! And that’s when my homeless friends marched behind me, waving traffic around my car. They were making sure I was safe!

I popped the hood, but the clicking continued, and I stared at the engine. So, I decided to call the police since I had no idea what to do. Surely, I needed an officer. This way, at least a police car would have his flashers on, to keep other cars from crashing into my paid-off-little-blue car-that-had-hiccups.

When an Angel Stops

But then, a SUV stopped behind me, and the man turned on his flashers and got out of his vehicle. He worked on my car for what seemed like two-years (stuck on a bridge makes time go into fast mode). And he moved to his vehicle and came back with … a giant box with cables.

First, he unplugged my battery cables, to let my engine and computer sort of reboot itself, and then he jumped the engine with his big ole bread box! And my engine started!

Well, it turned out my battery was dying, and since my car had a mind of its own, it decided to die on a bridge! I could have told my car not to pick such a spot.

Planned by God to Save

I hugged my new friend whose name is Scott, who not only saved my life, but that of someone else. Because in the darkness, there’s no way anyone would have kept from hitting my car.

After I started breathing, I ended up doing something I’ve never done before, I bought a battery for my car. (Hubby was working, so I had to be a grown up.)

I even called the battery store to make sure they would install it, since it would do me no good to have a battery in a box in my back seat. And they said, “Yes.”

Oh, I called the police back too, letting them know an angel took care of me, and that I was very much alive! (I’m not sure I gave them good directions on finding me in the first place. Not that it mattered, because God sent an angel instead.)

Yes, my angel may have a goatee, and he may carry around a bread box that knows how to start cars! And he may have been assigned the task of saving some lives tonight!! Starting with mine!

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