After Thanksgiving Blessings! In Your Face Truth!

Blessings Like Air

With recent Thanksgiving “family” visits at the recovery center, my girls shared their “blessing” testimonies. And their stories became an hour-long breath of fresh air, along with laughter and even tears.

I heard praises like “the Lord knows my heart” and “I press on to obey Him with my life”.

Another girl proclaimed, “The staff doesn’t have to do what they do for us. We had the best holiday and even played baseball. And the food, it was great. I hope I never forget how they ‘not only’ give us tools to live by, but they treat us so good, in spite of our past.”

One girl told of how she saw her daughter on her visit, who is nearing her teen years, and that she was able to embrace her child as if she were still a baby.

Blessings of Truth

Another spoke of how “firm and in her face” her father was to her, and how she appreciated his directness. But also, she was honored that he would tell her the truth and she accepted it, and responded with open eyes and an open heart.

I told her that God is pretty direct, too. How He is in our face with the scriptures to guide us, to reveal Himself to us, to show us the way to live and walk and serve Him. That we can give Him glory in our life!

A hand went up in the back and a girl who feels judged by many, but desires to “not become” that very person herself, struggled with her words. But she held her Bible, and shared how she longs to understand the words inside.

Later, she and I chatted about surrender, how she should or could stay on her knees before God, to empty herself, to wrestle with God until she turns to Him—completely. To press in. To pray to have ears to hear.

One girl is missing her mom, but loved having the rest of her family come see her, and she loved how they are witnessing her as new and whole.

Blessings of Hope

One who rarely speaks is fearful because there’s someone who has hurt her in the past “with strong conversations.” She wants to forgive and be honest with this person. And for the first time, she doesn’t wish “bad things” to happen to him.

Another praised God for her family and she is thankful they get together to celebrate holidays, but she prays they learn to treat each other better.

See, when I go to the center to share the gospel, the ladies are like my family, and I’m completely honored myself, to be a part of something that matters—like sharing Christ.

Blessings of New Life

Thus, we spent time going through Romans 12, verse by verse, where we read about “not being conformed” to this world, but rather, “being transformed by the renewal” of our minds and lives by God.

Yes, not only do the girls have many blessings, they SO bless my life! I’m surrounded by transformed women who are trusting God with their lives, many for the first time ever!

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