Add Kindness to Inauguration Day

I’ve never watched the presidential inauguration before, and yet, this morning with our technology and live streaming, I garnished and beheld the black vehicles carrying our new leader to his ceremony. And I was mesmerized.
If I said that I have prayed for him, it would be true. To tell you I’ve prayed for our outgoing president, that would also be true. But this morning, reflecting, pondering, and processing the bazillion news feeds that have inundated my brain (for months) with opinions and slurs, to praises and how things were in the past; I found joy in watching the passing of the baton.
I wish I’d watched other inaugurations in the past, and I pray for our new president as he leads our nation. However I must make this my prayer personally too, for those I look up to in my town and county. In other words, where I live, as I’ve watched as pastors mock on Facebook and other folks have done the same thing.
Some of my acquaintances (and leaders in other groups) and friends use “trending news” to propel themselves in to the feeds. Some use posts to measure others too (as if that’s their assignment), and they injure hearts while discounting the blows to real people who bleed and cry.
I wonder why we don’t consider the reader or just maybe we do, and it seems our goal is to make ourselves look like we are in the know. After all, having an opinion and posting it or writing about a topic should (for Christians) reflect our heart and our passion for making Christ known. He should not be a tool to divide and wedge us against each other like smashed sandwiches.
Instead what if we were to be humble and compassionate and if we showed kindness and love? We stand on pedestals that we should never build, and we climb onto them, ready to debate or counter anyone to make a point.
In reality, we can be so messy and blind, we spew and quote, but I wonder, do we come off as sounding gongs? Cymbals that clash? Noise makers and puffed up?
Like today, a young gracious lady stood to honor and sing the National Anthem at the inauguration and her voice was symbolic of freedom and angelic to me. I was moved to tears. I loved her way of delivering the lyrics. I believe it’s because I listened to the message of the song, for the first time in a long time.
And then later, an alert from a news feed pops up on my phone with people asking whether she rose to the occasion or not.
My goodness, can’t we simply relish in our freedom to sing such a song? Who has this measuring stick of deciding if she passed or failed? This was a chance of a lifetime for her. And how can I destroy this nasty ole stick? It needs to go away.
Yes, I’m proud to see the presidential inauguration unfold and I’m proud to live here. But at the same time, my heart breaks and bleeds with sadness like a river bursting through a broken dam when lashing and dissing others becomes the norm.
When did we quit hoping for the best? Why don’t we lift others up in prayer and praise instead? Tell me, how do we honor Christ in tearing down others at every turn? What is wrong with us? Where is faith, hope, and love?
I’ve wept at how mean we can be, all in the name of Christ. All to sing our own opinions. Wasted words and wasted time. May I be filled with less of me and more of Christ and plead forgiveness for I’ve been guilty of much of the above. I’ve just not posted it for others to read.
Yes, my opinion can/could cut like a knife, it’s often filled with pride and I can be uglier than I want to admit. May I move like the American flag in the breeze and may I share Christ and His mercy, and offer grace to those around me. And when in doubt, may I shut my mouth.

“And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭22:37‬ ‭ESV‬‬

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