A Present Help! For the Lost!


Gathering for Praise and Prayer!

A morning at the Recovery Center gives insight into hearts. and I see myself in their stories. And I see how Christ is changing their lives!

One said, “When I go home, I’m not welcome in my mother’s church and I’ll not be welcome by her friends. That’s why I haven’t been coming to church Ms. Pam, I figured you’d judge me. But I see how you tell me what God says in the Bible, and you know my struggles, and you are my friend—anyway!”

Another wiped her tears, “When I cried today, it was joyful tears, for God has truly removed the chains of my sinful life. I’m free. I know it. He’s done this for me. Christ is my Savior!”

Reluctant Church Members!

Yet, a third announced, “When I woke up today, I told my pod mate I was coming to service. But I went to see the movie since it was also an option. Then my friend came and got me, and now you’ve already said things from scripture that are for me!”

The oneness of their hearts continued, “When I came today, I felt weak, like the letter I received from home listed all my sins. I’m thankful Christ is the One who gave me a new life, a new heart. But my boyfriend is holding my sins over me, but I know Christ doesn’t! I will get through this!”

Then one smiled, “When I see the real me showing up as I live my life sober, at times, I don’t recognize myself. It’s like I’ve met a brand-new person, the one Christ created! She’s so different from the old me.”

Hopeful Church Member!

Wiping a tear, another said, “When I came to service today, I was nervous and rocked in my chair, something my twin sister and I both do. It’s like she’s with me, and did you know, she’s having a baby? I’m going to be an aunt, and I’ll be clean and sober and loving God when I meet that new little baby, too!”

Hugging me, one of the girl’s cried, “When I heard you tell about Day with Dads at that prison, and how the children interacted with the dads, I was reminded of the time I stood on my dad’s feet before he went to prison. How I danced with him. I haven’t seen him since I was little girl, and I had forgotten that memory! I want to stand with God and find strength in Him. I have been stuck! Until today! I want to live! I want to dance!”

Challenged Church Member!

Announcing, one girl said, “I ask myself why I stay in recovery, why I want to do this program and what keeps me from leaving. I hear myself asking that so much, and then I realized that I want to serve God, to live for Him, and to completely turn from my old lifestyle. I’m staying because God has brought me here. Who does that? Who lets you find rest and hope? I know who, God! He did that for me! How can it get any better?”

As I reflect on the hearts I meet, many find a “new dance” with purpose, with God’s power, with His protection, and with their finding pleasure in serving Him.

I must agree, it doesn’t get any better. A life serving God is a walk of obedience filled with joy unspeakable, even if we cry or mourn or wonder. The key is to run to Christ, because He is the One who sets us free!

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. (Galatians 2: 20 ESV)

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