A city bus, the gospel, and one old lady!

Just so you know: you missed it!

I stepped from my car to RUN over to a couple who are staying at the Salvation Army. I met them a week or so ago, one night on the streets.

But Saturday, they were standing near a city bus stop, and I’d pulled around the corner to get off the road, or out of the way. I had some gift cards to McDonald’s and wanted to give them a few. Especially since they have a little girl. A tiny thing. Who might get hungry.

What I hadn’t noticed was the bus barreling down the road toward the bus stop, behind me, before I turned. So I took my time getting from my car, stepped behind the bumper and saw THE BUS and it was opening the door for them to step inside.

They were about four hundred million feet away from me (it seemed like a football field distance away) and I charged across the field (or sidewalk area) and ran with my football (or gift cards) yelling, “Wait. Stop that bus! Don’t get on.”

My arms waved, my feet scooted like an old mare, and I called again, this time the wife turning to look at me, right before she joined her husband and toddler on the bus.

She glanced over her shoulder. “What? What are you doing?”

“Stop the bus. Don’t leave, yet.”

She shook her head as if she thought I might be a wee bit off my rocker. She said, “I’ll wait. But hurry.”

I dove in for the touchdown, and handed her several gift cards. “I didn’t get to visit with you at bridge earlier, and I wanted you to have these. And this..” I then handed her a card with a salvation verse, and hugged her goodbye.

The bus driver stared at me, not that I made eye contact but I’m sure he was the “referee” wanting me to move along. So in my gracious kindness, I gave him permission to leave with his passengers. (Not that he needed that.)

My friend had smiled as she stepped inside the bus, and she disappeared inside. The bus drove down the street, and I stood there alone. The breeze brushed across my face, the dampness of the foggy day adding humidity to the tears on my face.

I didn’t run back to my car, as I could barely breathe. I also didn’t run for another touchdown, but shuffled and praised God for the encounter.

I relished how in a few seconds the Word of God made its way into the palm of a hand … and it required that I run to make the moment happen. And I’m sure my jogging was a sight to behold!! And you missed it!

But I’m sure I’ll do it again, for time is short. The gospel matters. Lives and hearts and souls are in need of Christ! Let the running begin…share HIM today!

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