A Bike Dents / A Jar of Nutella / And Life’s Treasures

Writing What I Live and See … this post is for the one who needs a “dent” of hope to lighten the day.

Dents Come

Stopping at the stop sign, I glanced for someone to speak to, to pray with, to love on for the Lord.

Then in seconds, this long-legged, lanky man on a bicycle rolled right into the passenger door on my car.

I rolled the window down. “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m good.” He leaned over the bike handle. “Hey, are you following me?”

“How can I be following you? You ran into me.”

“Oh, I did. Sorry.”

“Are you sure you’re fine? You just kept going and never stopped.”

“My brakes don’t work.” He looked at the door. “You don’t have a dent. It’s all good.”

Treasures in Dents

“Hey, are you hungry? My friend gave me these to pass out. I’ve got gallon-sized bags and they’re full of treasures like water. And Nutella. And lots of good snacks.”

“Yes, I am hungry.”

I reached for a bag from the back seat. “Here. God, bless you my friend. You are a treasure to God.”

“No, not me. I’m just me.”

“Yes, you are. He created you, and He upholds you with His righteous hand.”

“I don’t think of Him much. I should, I suppose.”

“He does tell us that if we diligently seek Him, we will find Him.”

He nodded. “There’s a car back there. You’d better go. You’re holding up traffic.”

“I tend to do that.”

Treasures Abound

As I started to move, a giant monster truck, shiny and new blocked my way on the left. I rolled my window down, and the driver asked, “Is he bothering you?”

“No. We’re friends. Just chatting.”

Then a man and two small boys walked up to my driver’s window. It turned out they got out of the car behind me, and the man leaned in. “You got car trouble? You’ve been sitting here forever.”

“No, I’m sorry. It seems we’re having a corner-party.” I glanced at the boys. “Hey, are you two hungry? I’ve got some bags filled with goodies.”

The boys wiggled up to my window, moving their daddy aside. “We like goodies. We, do.”

I handed them each a bag, and the older brother shouted, “Nutella! I love Nutella.”

The man ran his hand through the boy’s brown hair. “We’re headed downtown to eat at a soup kitchen.

It’s the end of the month and the groceries run low. Thank you. This has made their day.”

Reaching for three gift cards (thanks to a friend), I handed them to the dad. “Here, bless your boys with a trip to Burger King.”

Nutella Treasures for a Soul

Before he responded, another person came walking up from car number three (in our line) on the street. He was a stranger from out of town, and needed directions. But he was the nicest stranger ever!

Goodness, I met some beautiful “treasures” today, as new friends gathered around my car. They lifted me up, on a morning when weariness landed on my heart like a dent. But they left a taste like Nutella to my soul! A sweetness I needed … on the street corner of life!

I’m reminded of this verse, “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. And yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous hand.” ~~ Isaiah 41:10

May we never forget that God is the “brake” for our heart! The “peddle” for our ride. And the “stop sign” to remind us He is near! And if we need direction, He’s there to guide us into the intersection of life!

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