Present Past Memory

Random Stop I stood on the corner with a bearded man, his face worn, but he was smiling. His life has taken him on a path of many steps, from the familiar to the I-don’t-know-what’s-next-chapter, right now. But his joy at receiving a few hand warmers and a new blanket were obvious. I discovered he […]

To Attend Church or Not

To Church She Went or Not She attended church service at the Recovery Center. Her face taunt and her eyes big. Her deep breaths seemingly kept her from disappearing, as she struggled to remain in her chair, and her fidgeting came with a ticktock cadence. The next week, I didn’t see her. Or the following. […]

Two-Faced to One Voice

Steps to the Street Out on the streets today, passing out toboggans and hand warmers, I met a giant dog who snatched a hat from me. He shook his head violently as if he held a toy in his mouth, slobbering and play-growling. His owner retrieved the hat, slipping it onto his head. “Thank you. […]

On This Christmas

A year ago, she was hooked on heroin and passed out on a floor on Christmas Eve. This Christmas, she’s serving Christ. Living for Christ. Obeying Christ. And loving Christ. For another girl in Recovery, on this Christmas, her son said in a letter that he still has his sock-monkey, the one she gave him. […]

Red Bird Fly / New Homeless Friend

Red Bird Fly I scanned the area, the dampness heavy, even though my coat warmed me. Calling to the tents at the camps, I hollered in hopes of finding the person that I’d met earlier, whose toes were purple in the cold. Her flip flops were her only shoes. “Hello, is anyone at the camps?” […]

When Hand Outs Change Lives

I’ve pondered, prayed, and pruned the words in this piece. I’m posting it because this speaks to me—and I need to be reminded to put an arm around others, to point them to Christ, to remember how Christ wrapped His love around me. So here goes …  What are Hands for? Take our hands. They are […]

Joy Peeking from the Mini Blind in the Hospital

Of Hospital Rooms I marched to the hospital room, the small blind on the room’s door revealing eyes that were watching me. As I reached for the handle, it swung open, and the giggle behind the door gave me a clue to how joy rises up in unexpected places. Inside, I greeted the family of […]

100 Christmas Cards for Alcoholic!

Empty Christmas Bag I met Mike last week as he panhandled for fifty cents. (That blog post is on my website. It ends with me giving him a Christmas card.) Well, today, I carried 100 Christmas cards to the Recovery Center, so my girls could write verses and notes to Mike. So during worship, the […]