A Bridge to Hearts

Church under the Bridge Texarkana

On Saturday mornings in Texarkana, TX, Pastor Cody Howard positions himself on a flatbed trailer facing his congregation. It’s a place for the homeless to gather for church services each week, beneath a bridge at 3rd and 4th Streets. Yes, church is held even in the rain. Or in the sweltering heat of summer. Or […]

After Thanksgiving Blessings! In Your Face Truth!

Blessings Like Air With recent Thanksgiving “family” visits at the recovery center, my girls shared their “blessing” testimonies. And their stories became an hour-long breath of fresh air, along with laughter and even tears. I heard praises like “the Lord knows my heart” and “I press on to obey Him with my life”. Another girl […]

Honest Beggar Admits He’s an Alcoholic!

I found him … the man who begged for fifty cents! Man Begging See, earlier I had parked my car, waiting for the lanky gent to wobble between the cars. But instead, he tapped on my window, mouthing something at me. Holding up my finger, like correcting a child, it was like I said, “Just […]

I”m Not Cooking for Thanksgiving! And my family said, “Amen.”

I’m not cooking for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Now, for most of you, this isn’t a surprise since you know my kitchen came with the house. So, this Thanksgiving, I’m counting my blessings and having our meal catered. Not because I’m special, but because the day will be special. November has made me feel like a raw […]

Thelma and Louise Ride Again

Cindy Ross' middle name is Louise, and her Orchestra Leader dubbed me Thelma at the funeral!

  (This is my tribute I shared at Cindy’s funeral. I may have added inflections and volume and emphasis to portions of this as I spoke. Gosh, I’m gonna miss her!) Sandpaper Friends I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cindy Ross, not only as a coworker, but she was my best friend. Now, some of you […]

A Best Friend Who Now Sits with Jesus

Rarely Do We Have Such a Blessing I will miss Cindy Ross, endlessly, until we meet again in heaven. And now, thankfully, she is no longer fighting cancer. She is at rest and at peace, for she is with Christ. Cindy and I met some eight years ago, our hearts connecting like sisters, as our […]

When the Wind Runs out of Breath!

Are you facing a storm? Then take a peek into the night Jesus quiets a storm with his words. It’s a scene (Mark 4: 35-41) where Jesus and his disciples take a boat ride away from the crowd, and a storm rises up, and the waves pour into the boat, rocking it, threatening to sink […]