Free Inside Prison!

Prison Freedom! During Day with Dads at Telford Prison, I met some inmates, First, I met Bo. Then, I met Marquez, Zachary, Tony, and Sirgay. And I already knew William. Bo has a gaze that’s far-reaching, but his eyes pierce as if he’s on a mission or quest. His eyes are constantly searching for ways […]

A Present Help! For the Lost!

Gathering for Praise and Prayer! A morning at the Recovery Center gives insight into hearts. and I see myself in their stories. And I see how Christ is changing their lives! One said, “When I go home, I’m not welcome in my mother’s church and I’ll not be welcome by her friends. That’s why I […]

Be a Hand Warmer for Others

Blankets for Friends I called toward the flames coming from the campfire at the bottom of the hill, yelling to my homeless friends. Before they answered, someone called to me from the other side of the bridge. “Hey Lady! Who are you looking for?” Standing by the trunk of my car, I answered the shadow. […]

Falling into the Canyon at Yellowstone! Almost!

When fear paralyzes … Frozen in Fear Last year, I stood near the lookout point at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, remembering the first time I’d made the trip, and how fear consumed my ankles and made my feet like rubber. Thus, I was unable to make the trek to the lookout point, missing the […]

Praise God for $4.90? Always!

Begin with Praise Taking the time to give praise during our services at the recovery center gives my girls a chance to say out loud what the Lord has done and is doing, while focusing on Him. One girl praised the Lord for her daughter’s salvation. Another for pictures from home. Another for an upcoming […]

Strangers Robbed Us! Fear took Over!

This post is for anyone who has ever been afraid of the dark, who has felt like you just can’t breathe. Strangers Come Inside The night I became afraid happened when someone broke into our home, and it was then, when I was around six-years-old that I started dreading bedtime. Before that night, the train […]

An Angel Carries a Bread Box

A Planned Stop This post is a reminder that when you feel stranded, God can send someone to save you! Tonight, I drove across this bridge to pass out burgers and blankets to my homeless friends, to a group who live off the side of the embankment in the woods. Now I’d already visited the […]

Homeless Sign Hides the Person

Should We Help the Homeless? “Usually.” That’s the word I heard in my head after asking myself if I should stop and help a homeless man who held a sign that read: I am hungry. I pulled through the parking lot for a coffee at McDonald’s, and pondered the idea, knowing full well, I had […]

What is your Need?

Trusting God ... no matter how life unfolds.

What is Your Need? “Pray for the truth to be revealed. The Lord knows what I need. He knows my heart.” Those words slipped from her quivering lips at the end of a recent church service at the Recovery Center, after most had left our meeting. She sought the Lord for answers. Her eyes red. […]

Her Choices Aren’t Mine to Make

Do you have more questions than answers? When the result doesn’t play out like I hoped, I find my questions don’t have easy answers. So, I stop myself, for the ‘real answer’ is not about what I can do. Or didn’t do. It’s about what God can do. And is doing. He’s sovereign, and His […]