Losing $150,000 or $1000 I Wanted to Disappear

Writing What I Live and See … this post is for the one who needs to know that “bad days” are really lessons in disguise. Losing Your Job Back then, losing a thousand dollars should have sent me searching for another job. Well, losing it now wouldn’t be such a great thing to do, either. […]

I Know. I Know. Jesus is Who I Need to “Know”

Small Steps of Friendship I’ve known this homeless man for a couple of years. He goes to jail. And then, he is released. So, he’ll turn up. Only to, disappear again. Usually, I seek him out, speaking to him first as he has never approached me, until last week. On my outing the other day, […]

A Bike Dents / A Jar of Nutella / And Life’s Treasures

Writing What I Live and See … this post is for the one who needs a “dent” of hope to lighten the day. Dents Come Stopping at the stop sign, I glanced for someone to speak to, to pray with, to love on for the Lord. Then in seconds, this long-legged, lanky man on a […]

The Dress on the Fence

Writing What I Live and See … this post is for anyone who prays to see with eyes of kindness. Seeing with the Heart In the curve of the road, she waited, her hair dangling, her clothes cleaner than one might think, for a homeless person. Pulling to the side, parking, I moved from my […]

Suffering Abounds / Joy Rises Up with a Cadence of Hope

  Writing what I Live and See … this post is for the one who may need prayer or/and needs to breathe. Suffering Abounds She huddled on the curb, her hair frazzled, her eyes peering at the ground. Now, my steps took me right in front of her, as I moved with a cadence, like […]

Struggles Don’t Just Happen in Rehab

When We Sin She didn’t get to have her family visit recently at the recovery center because she lost her privileges, thus she wept during our Sunday morning worship time. Now I’ve heard this many times over the years from the ladies, how consequences for breaking rules impacts their day. Which is no different for […]

I Never Planned to Admire Him

My Ugly Heart I had no idea he was someone I would come to admire. For you see, we had varying differences. Like thorns that kept us apart, I let the ooze of our “disagreeing views” spill over, and I developed a clouded view of him, never considering what we had in common. Now, the […]