A Wreck on the Side of the Road / An Elderly Mom Sees with her Heart

When God uses an upside-down pickup truck on the side of the road! I saw the picture on Facebook of the pickup on the side of the road after it had rolled over in the wreck. I hoped the driver was alive, and I would see that he was, but there’s more to this story. […]

Slaying Sin When Tempted

God helped a new friend slay his sin…possibly. Everyone had left Church at the Bridge, with the final few walking in the rain, headed up the road to the library or to other destinations. I walked down the muddy road toward my car on the street, coming up on a lone person, one wearing a […]

The Weapon of Friendship

Tonight my friend and I took a trek over a bridge, leaving our vehicles nearby and we walked to a spot to lower ourselves down the hill. At the base of the creek, several homeless tents were stationed, and we were looking for someone specific. But I had no idea where she (now) lived in […]

A Friend Named Jan

I was looking for a homeless friend, and put the word out to couple of my other homeless friends yesterday. For this person frequents McDonald’s and I hoped to see him there at 11 a.m today. So I made my way there after leaving the Recovery Center, and first met my California friend who lives […]

What Six Words Tell Your Story?

During worship at the Recovery Center this morning, I gave the girls each a small index-sized paper, with one request. Share in six words, your story. This was to be the chapter they’re in right now. Here’s a sampling of their six-word stories. Her past doesn’t define her future. Lost. Found. Picked up. And saved. […]

Learn the Wiggly-Run

Today I learned the wiggly-run… Nearing the railroad tracks, I saw three men walking away from Church under the Bridge, and the woman going toward the Bridge. My first thought, as I glanced in the rearview mirror was about her safety. But my second thought made me wonder if she was asking them about breakfast. […]

Bridge Trip Flashers On

I drove over the bridge. Turned my flashers on, and hopped from my car. I clicked the little remote trying to pop the trunk. Which I learned I can’t do unless I turn the motor off. (Apparently I’m still learning my new car and how to work the buttons.) So I’m standing behind my car […]

Not Abandoned God Sees

He crawled through the opening where the plywood was flattened to the ground. From what used to be a place of business. As he moved from his knees, glancing up and down the street, he stood straight up. Which put him right in front of my parked car. He spoke to me through the windshield, […]

Standing Firm in Front of a Jury

Watching the Lord save and change a heart is amazing. Like in this case… She’s usually quiet during the services at the Recovery Center and then one Sunday, she announced, “It’s something when you walk with God. You can stand firm in court and listen to the accusations. Those that are true. And others not […]