“Violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding: it seeks to annihilate rather than convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends up defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers.”

– Martin Luther King Jr, in his Nobel Lecture delivered at the University of Oslo, Dec. 11, 1964

Martin Luther King Jr

Lord, Break Down our Hard Shell

Praise Begins She used sign language for a song this morning in recovery. And everyone wept. Another girl sang too, along with two others. And everyone, some sixty of us joined in singing, too, as the room becoming a river of tears as our hearts praised God, and we worshiped. A new girl shared how […]

“I wish we had more Marys who would break the alabaster box of precious ointment upon His dear head. Oh, for a little extravagance of love, a little fanaticism of affection for Him, for He deserves ten thousand times more than the most enthusiastic ever dream of rendering!”—Volume 59, Sermon #3360 ~~ Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon

Do Pastors Cry at Hurtful Jabs?

Love like your life depends on it ...

My heart hurts like someone stabbed me with a dozen knives. It’s as if the jabbing reminds me how horrible we can be to each other, and how judgmental we can become, too. A pastor I know may be feeling the slice and cut of invisible knives after a recent meeting. So I have prayed […]

Shutdown the Hugs!

Check out my book "Things I Learned in Jail" ... from serving at a recovery center. More stories for anyone handcuffed to despair.

No Hugs For many weeks we had not hugged. For many weeks the girls were on shutdown. But also, for many weeks we (thankfully) gathered to hold church in spite of their punishment. Thus, the Word of God was shared even in the limited movement at the recovery center. As I entered the center after […]

I have one of my girls in recovery who will not graduate for sometime, but she’s planning to ‘sign’ the lyrics to this song for a deaf family member who is expected to attend her graduation down the road.

She’s planning to start practicing this presentation next week in our morning service. I expect when she does this, I’ll cry and find my joy overflowing with praise! That I’ll find joy rising up like a burst of hope from within my heart! That I’ll sing along for sure!

Life is filled with wonder. Life is filled with opportunity to shine. To change. To make a difference. To give the Lord glory. To reveal the hope inside one’s soul. I can’t wait to witness her signing this song!

Now, this version takes me to my knees for sure …


Gracefully Broken Encounters

God's Word Offers Hope to the Bench Sitter

This post is for the one who sits alone … who needs to be reminded that our hope is in God. Planned Encounter This man sat on the bench outside the hospital today, alone, as I crossed the parking lot. So I called to him, “Hi there. I hope your day is blessed.” He answered, […]

Sermons To Listen To …

The Cripplegate
August 3, 2017

I’m constantly searching for sermons to devour and digest, and this list popped up from someone I do trust. Thus, I’m creating a link to it, so I can remember to check them out.

Or better yet, go listen to one or two or several, and let me know if you have a favorite sermon I could listen to. Or if one of these touches your heart or changes you.

“Often, when I come in at the door and my eyes fall on this vast congregation, I feel a tremor go through me to think that I should have to speak to you all and be, in some measure, accountable for your future state. Unless I preach the Gospel faithfully and with all my heart, your blood will be required at my hands.” Charles Spurgeon”
August 2, 2017