Homeless Sign Hides the Person

Should We Help the Homeless? “Usually.” That’s the word I heard in my head after asking myself if I should stop and help a homeless man who held a sign that read: I am hungry. I pulled through the parking lot for a coffee at McDonald’s, and pondered the idea, knowing full well, I had […]

What is your Need?

Trusting God ... no matter how life unfolds.

What is Your Need? “Pray for the truth to be revealed. The Lord knows what I need. He knows my heart.” Those words slipped from her quivering lips at the end of a recent church service at the Recovery Center, after most had left our meeting. She sought the Lord for answers. Her eyes red. […]

Her Choices Aren’t Mine to Make

Do you have more questions than answers? When the result doesn’t play out like I hoped, I find my questions don’t have easy answers. So, I stop myself, for the ‘real answer’ is not about what I can do. Or didn’t do. It’s about what God can do. And is doing. He’s sovereign, and His […]

One summer a few years ago, I met Pastor Cody during an outing passing out Popsicles to my homeless friends. I met him at a picnic in downtown Texarkana, and then started attending the services he held at the Bridge on Saturdays.

Life is filled with struggles. With suffering. And filled with lives who need a Shepherd. Pastor Cody is one of many pastors who have been called to the streets across this nation.

I love being a part of this journey, too. I love street ministry. I love sharing the gospel! I love my Bridge family!

Losing $150,000 or $1000 I Wanted to Disappear

Writing What I Live and See … this post is for the one who needs to know that “bad days” are really lessons in disguise. Losing Your Job Back then, losing a thousand dollars should have sent me searching for another job. Well, losing it now wouldn’t be such a great thing to do, either. […]

I Know. I Know. Jesus is Who I Need to “Know”

Small Steps of Friendship I’ve known this homeless man for a couple of years. He goes to jail. And then, he is released. So, he’ll turn up. Only to, disappear again. Usually, I seek him out, speaking to him first as he has never approached me, until last week. On my outing the other day, […]

A Bike Dents / A Jar of Nutella / And Life’s Treasures

Writing What I Live and See … this post is for the one who needs a “dent” of hope to lighten the day. Dents Come Stopping at the stop sign, I glanced for someone to speak to, to pray with, to love on for the Lord. Then in seconds, this long-legged, lanky man on a […]